About the Series: Rattles, the Barn Cat

The Cat Everyone Loves to Love!

Rattles was born in a barn full of wild cats, but she isn’t like them.  Her life becomes a series of learning adventures as she struggles to learn a different way of life.  Buy books from "Rattles, the Barn Cat" series, and  experience Rattles' adventures together!

From a reader review: "I really love Rattles, but then I'm a cat person.  I love dogs, too; in fact all animals.  The author knows and loves them, too; you get that feeling as you read the story and enjoy her illustrations.  I recommend it to young and old.  Great little book!"

"Rattles, the Barn Cat" series is a set of animal picture books for kids ages 4-9.

(Softcover paper books are available for $8.79.  E-book versions are $2.99.  The first book in the series, "Rattles, the Barn Cat Misfit," is free in the e-book format.)

New Release - Coming November 23rd!

Book #4 in Series - Available for Pre-Order

Mom looks around the house and groans, “Rattles, how did you do all this with your injuries?”  Woofley barks and whimpers.  He tries to explain to the humans, but they don’t understand.  

When Mom comes home, she finds the house a wreck!  The mystery is, "How and why did Rattles manage to do all that?"  Get "Rattles, What Happened to My House?" to find out what happened!  Appropriate for ages 4-9.  Good read-to-me book for younger ages, and read-alone book for older ages.

Other Books in Series


THIS E-BOOK IS FREE!!  Rattles grows up with wild cats, and doesn't heed any of their warnings.  When Rattles gets sick, a major change takes place.  Get "Rattles, the Barn Cat Misfit" to find out why Rattles was the odd-ball cat in the group.  Suitable for ages 4-9.

First book in series! (Softcover book available for $8.79.)


When Rattles figures out Santa Cat is coming to her house, she comes up with a plan to make Santa Cat feel unwelcome and leave.  Things backfire, and Rattles thinks she's gotten into trouble.  Buy Rattles Doesn't Like Santa Cat to find out Rattles' devious plan to get rid of Santa Cat.  Suitable for ages 4-9.

Book #2 in series.  (E-book $2.99; softcover paper book $8.79)


When Rattles hears a siren, she escapes outside to investigate.  This ends up being a bad choice that leaves the family and neighbors worried.  Buy Rattles' Secret Escape to find out the results of Rattles' street adventure.  Book is suitable for ages 4-9.  Book #3 in series. (E-book $2.99; softcover paper book $8.79)